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Analytics & Smart Data

“What’s measured improves.”
– Peter Drucker

analytics & smart data

alucida LLC helps leading organizations utilize analytics & smart data to improve decision-making and turn data into actionable information and knowledge across a wide variety of business functions and domains.

Analytics can help you measure, monitor and improve performance. It can help you optimize pricing, marketing programs, and supply chains. It can improve demand forecasts, resource allocation, investment decisions, and product innovation. It can identify your most profitable customers and the critical drivers of employee engagement and performance. And more generally, it can reveal relationships from widely disparate data sources.

alucida LLC offers a wide variety of services related to analytics, decision optimization, predictive modeling, data management, and business intelligence:

  • Business intelligence
    • Balanced scorecards
    • Executive dashboards
    • Key Performance Questions & Indicators (KPQs/KPIs)
    • Performance management
    • Strategy maps
  • Analytics & decision optimization
    • Advanced analytics and optimization
    • Business process optimization
    • Design of experiments
    • Evidence-based management
    • Predictive modeling, simulation & forecasting
    • Statistical analysis
  • Data integration & management
    • Enterprise information management
    • Data visibility & analysis
    • Data integration & information quality
    • Data warehousing
    • Decision optimization & support

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