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Enterprise Strategy Development – Logistics, Readiness & Sustainment

“Ray’s leadership has been vital in articulating not only our BU’s strategy, but also the enterprise Logistics, Readiness and Sustainment (LR&S) strategy. His tireless work resulted in our BU strategy being adopted as a strategic growth area for the company.”

Selected to formulate and lead SAIC’s enterprise strategy for logistics, readiness & sustainment, a $2 billion portfolio of businesses and 1 of 5 strategic growth areas for this $11 billion defense contractor:

  • Developed strategy in collaboration with leaders across 5 business units and 20+ operations
  • Prepared annual business environment assessment, which identified and evaluated market drivers and trends, along with emerging opportunities and threats
  • Defined growth options/opportunities and developed business case analyses to support their evaluation and prioritization
  • Defined actions and investments to implement the strategy, and worked with line managers to incorporate into annual and quarterly operating plans
  • Prepared executive briefings to support Board and CEO-level discussions
  • Evangelized the strategy across the company and within the business units

Benefits & results:
This effort resulted in a unique and differentiated strategy that leveraged the collective strengths of the enterprise. In particular:

  • The LR&S portfolio delivered consistent double-digit revenue and profit growth
  • LR&S received significant investment support ($40M+ annually) to support its growth
  • The LR&S campaign became the highest performing strategic campaign in the company

“[Ray] is the consummate collaborator, reaching across the corporation and building network consensus for our strategy. Ray was the principal author of the CEO’s integrated business planning process as it relates to LR&S. The strategy he coordinated across five BUs was fully endorsed by our CEO.”

Business Unit Innovation & Growth Strategy

“Ray has had a profound impact on our business growth and diversification. He has been key in our growth in annual sales to over $1 billion and in a qualified new business pipeline approaching $20 billion.”

Led strategy development for SAIC’s Logistics & Engineering Solutions business unit.

  • Formulated strategy development and business model innovation across the business unit
  • Identified and evaluated market drivers, disruptive technologies, and growth opportunities
  • Defined and executed a portfolio of actions and investments to drive growth and innovation
  • Implemented numerous strategic initiatives related to M&A, technology licensing, divestitures, and JVs
  • Evangelized the strategy across the enterprise

Led the strategic planning process across the BU’s operations and divisions. Made numerous investments that were instrumental in driving growth and innovation.

  • Logistics systems & technology – championed investments that created significant differentiators and enabled business model innovations
  • Analytics and smart data – made multiple investments in data analytics and predictive modeling to optimize customer outcomes, improve decision making, and increase competitive discriminators
  • Robotics and unmanned systems – conducted market study evaluating unmanned aerial, maritime and ground systems; identified most attractive market segments and made investments in these areas
  • Fuels management – refined and coordinated business strategy of the Varec subsidiary; developed business case for investing in accelerated development of cloud-based fuels management solution offering
  • Supply chain services – diversified supply chain management business through investments in adjacent businesses and enabling technologies
  • Product support integration – championed major initiative to grow and expand life-cycle product support business in both existing and adjacent market segments
  • Transportation systems – coordinated growth strategies for transportation systems and services; evaluated and prioritized growth options; defined action and investment plans
  • Intel and Special Operations – developed strategy and coordinated efforts to grow logistics and product support business in the intelligence and special operations communities

Benefits & results:

  • The business unit was consistently among the fastest growing organizations in the company
  • The BU strategy was fully endorsed by the CEO and became the basis for the enterprise strategy
  • The strategy led to a significant expansion and diversification in addressable market and pipeline
  • The BU generated consistently attractive growth, profitability, and shareholder value

“Ray shows true leadership in the way he works with people… He has a talent for bringing out the best in teams… His energy and enthusiasm are infectious… His technical insight and intuition are exceptional.”

Strategy Implementation & Execution

“Ray’s bandwidth is amazing. He touches so many aspects of our business and always with positive results.”

Led a wide variety of strategic initiatives to support the implementation and execution of the enterprise and business unit strategy.

  • Business model innovation – Developed and employed a wide variety of business models to improve value-add to customers while increasing or maintaining profitability levels
    • Emphasized fixed-price and performance-based solutions
    • Delivered attractive Return on Invested Capital (ROIC), reflecting profit, cash flow, inventory and other capital requirements
    • Invested in innovation (systems, tools, people and processes) to improve value-add, reduce costs, and expand discriminators
  • Internal Research & Development – Defined, evaluated, and prioritized IR&D investments; worked with CTO and business development organization to implement and manage projects
  • Business development – Developed differentiated capture strategies and winning proposals across the organization, resulting in increased revenue and profit growth
    • Developed opportunity-road maps to support the strategy and drive growth in each market segment
    • Reviewed capture plans, developed win strategies, and introduced business model innovations
    • Led or supported proposal writing and color reviews
    • Coordinated marketing communications and messaging around the strategy
  • Mergers & acquisitions – Evaluated over 30 acquisition opportunities
    • Led strategic review, assessed cultural fit, and evaluated growth prospects
    • Analyzed financial performance and projections; developed valuation models
    • Coordinated management discussions with target companies
    • Prepared CEO-level briefings for internal review and discussion
    • Led due-diligence, risk assessment, and integration planning
  • Technology licensing – Negotiated enterprise software license and professional services agreement that provided attractive intellectual property rights to enabling technologies; prepared term sheet; coordinated with legal; evangelized agreement across the company
  • Joint Ventures – Developed “Joint Venture Implementation Guide” that provided guidance and best practices to consider when implementing joint ventures; supported implementation and negotiation of joint ventures to support strategic capture efforts
  • Divestitures – Led the response to a divestiture inquiry toward one of our businesses; prepared Confidential Information Memorandum and management presentation; led discussion with inquiring management team

M&A Strategy – Homeland Security Technology

Conducted buy-side acquisition planning and research for one of the world’s leading homeland security technology businesses. Worked closely with the business’ executive team to define the acquisition objectives and criteria, to identify potential candidates, and to conduct detailed research and diligence on the target companies’ business attractiveness, financials, product markets, and technologies. This engagement resulted in the identification and prioritization of target candidates, a framework for filtering and evaluating additional candidates, and ultimately two successful acquisitions.

Business Strategy – Integrated Security Solutions

Engaged by a homeland security professional services and systems integration business to define a business strategy and plan for integrated security solution offerings. Worked closely with the business leadership team to identify and prioritize target markets and clients, to define and position service offerings, to articulate differentiators and sources of competitive advantage, to determine investment requirements and priorities, to articulate the ROI rationale, to define a detailed execution plan, and to prepare the investment presentation. This resulted in a multi-million dollar investment and the development of a rapidly growing business.

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