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Evidence-Based Management

Actions and practices based on the best evidence and hard facts, not conventional wisdom or the latest fad.


alucida LLC embraces and promotes the concept of evidence-based management. This is a discipline that emphasizes fact-based decisions, a willingness to question conventional wisdom and commonly held beliefs, a commitment to gather data and information to test assumptions, and an open-mindedness to consider new evidence as it becomes available.

This involves identifying the practices and actions that will work best in your particular circumstance, not blindly adopting what seems to have worked elsewhere. This involves leveraging best practices, proven frameworks, and management research, but applying them in an integrated, holistic manner that is customized for your business. This involves an emphasis on iterative planning and execution, making the best decision today based on the information available, and then learning by doing – continuing to gather information while executing, and adjusting course as new evidence becomes available.

A key element of evidence-based management is asking good questions. In fact, good questions are often more important than good answers. Good questions stimulate thinking and creativity as we search for answers. They inform our definition of metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for measuring performance. They lead us to collect data and information that is meaningful and relevant. And perhaps most importantly, they promote dialogue and collaboration that create synergy and can significantly enhance the collective intelligence of the team.

Some of our favorite questions include:

  • What assumptions are we making? How confident are we in these assumptions? What happens if we’re wrong?
  • What data or facts do we have (or could we get) to test these assumptions?
  • How could we test our assumptions most quickly and inexpensively?
  • Could we run a trial or experiment to collect information and/or validate our assumptions?
  • What conclusion does the data support?
  • What are the options or alternatives?
  • What could we do to get started, and learn from doing?
  • What are the likely consequences, both positive and negative, of taking the proposed action?

“We run the company by questions, not by answers… and that stimulates conversation. Out of the conversation comes innovation.”
-Eric Schmidt, Google

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