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Creative and customized solutions to our clients’ most important business opportunities and challenges.


Every client situation is unique. At alucida, we focus on providing creative and customized solutions to our clients’ most important opportunities and challenges. This invariably requires us to address new and unique problems that cannot be solved with ‘cookie-cutter’ approaches.

We utilize a variety of practices and techniques to enhance creativity. Elements of our approach include:

  • Clarify the objective – ask good questions and ensure we are solving the right problem
  • Observe and pay close attention – gain a deep understanding of the customer or user, the context, and the true nature of the problem
  • Brainstorm – generate lots of ideas and options; the optimal solution may come from an unexpected source
  • Use our whole brains – left and right, analytical and intuitive, conscious and subconscious, practical and aesthetic
  • Experiment and prototype – test assumptions; learn from experience; iterate and improve; demonstrate viability as quickly and inexpensively as possible
  • Collaborate – who can help us understand or frame the problem? who is passionate about solving the problem? who can help inform the solution?
  • Bring energy, enthusiasm and passion – work on problems that are worthy of the effort; do things that we love, we’ll be better at it; practice patience and perseverance, this is essential for solving big problems

By combining proven techniques and best practices with broad experience and original thinking, we are able to provide tailored and optimized solutions that address our clients’ particular circumstances.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.
-Peter Drucker

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